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Mali is a country that is waiting to be discovered. This is a land of mystery, with magical names that evoke a glorious past, like Timbuktu or Djenne. Historic Mali boast famous tribes like the Dogon people who built their houses as secluded cliff-side villages on sheer rock. Timbuktu was an intellectual and spiritual capital and became a recognized center of learning in the 15th century. It was also a center of Saharan trade in gold, salt and slaves, just like Djenné with its Grand Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest mud-brick building in the world. Mali holds plenty of treasures and we would love to help you discover the magic of this destination.

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The capital of Bamako is situated along the river Niger. It has fantastic local markets.

Falaise de Bandiagara

This is the area where the Dogons live. Some houses are built on sheer rock.


The colonial town of Segou is famous for its market and pottery situated on the river Niger

Travelling down the river Niger:

Wonderful way to experience Mali with its Bozo fishermen and local villages. a


The magical city of Timbuktu, city of learning in the 16th century, and part of the important caravan trading route through the Sahara.

Djenne has the largest mud brick mosque in the world -  the beautiful Grand Mosque.